Evergreen Award

Presented by the Ontario Library Association (OLA) to the best work of Canadian fiction or non-fiction, as voted by library patrons.

10 items

Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
A Mind Spread Out on the Ground Book - 2019 Doubleday Canada 970 .1 ELL
Autopsy of A Boring Wife Book - 2019 Arachnide FIC LAV
Chasing Painted Horses Book - 2019 Cormorant Books FIC TAY
Crow Winter
A Novel
Book - 2019 HarperAvenue FIC MCB
Frying Plantain
Book - 2019 Astoria FIC REI
Greenwood Book - 2019 McClelland & Stewart CHRIS
This One Looks Like A Boy
My Gender Journey to Life as A Man
Book - 2019 Greystone Books 306 .768 SHE
A Novel
Book - 2019 Spiderline FIC ALB
Watching You Without Me Book - 2019 Anansi COADY
Book - 2019 Astoria FIC CON
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